Our Story

EP Analysis was started by Anton and Kellie in 2009. Both born and raised in the Cummins/Wangary region, and having a strong sense of belonging to the area, they believed the service would be a useful tool for locals to find out more about their environment.

Originating from a strong curiosity about their own farm's soil properties, the services then expanded into environmental as the sciences surrounding underground water movements, contaminant profiles and airborne particles were explored.

A period away from the region in 2000 - 2006, allowed Anton and Kellie to work in a range of industries including Construction, Commercial Fishing, Mining, Oil and Gas and Environmental. This took them in work environments ranging from the goldfields in WA, fishing communities in NSW, central railway line NT, North-East SA gas fields and over to the oil platforms in the North Sea. They returned to the farm in 2007 bringing back to the area experience and an appreciation of the challenges faced in each of the sectors, and a strong HSE focus.

In line with industry requirements, EP Analysis became NATA; ISO17025 accredited as a nationally competent sampling and testing service in 2012.

The staff. Like questions?... Like our team! The staff at EP Analysis are curious, like good science and take pride in to their work. They each have a desire to know more, and each bring their observation skills and strengths to the team to shape EP Analysis.

Why? We believe in the sustainability of Eyre Peninsula and providing tools to help locals help themselves progress. From advancements in Farming management systems, to wastewater management, to contaminated site management and natural resource management. At the heart of it, we chose to live here, so it's in our interest to make the area stronger.

We also strongly believe that the future of our environment starts with the curiosity and freedom of children's ideas. We therefore place strong support in engaging our local school children to be inspired by science and keep it exciting - not just something that happens in white coats in the labs in the cities.

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kellie in the field