Residential Methamphetamine

Residential Methamphetamine Check:

Methamphetamine is often synthesised in makeshift laboratories, which are referred to as clandestine or 'clan' drug laboratories. These clandestine laboratories can be found in various locations including private residences, farms and hotel/motel rooms, inside kitchen cabinets and even in the boots of cars.

During the manufacturing process of methamphetamines, chemicals become volatilized or 'airborne.' These contaminants can in many instances persist within structures, furnishing and the environment and pose a risk to persons occupying the premises, potentially for many years into the future. The persistence of these contaminants forms a legacy contamination risk for home owners.

It has been widely recognised by many governments, including the Australian Government, that the residual clan drug labs presents a serious risk of harm to human and environmental health, and guidelines have been established to assist in appropriate assessment, remediation and reporting criteria.

EP Analysis is able to confidentially assess, remediate and report on residential Clan labs.

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